Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand!


Pink Square.

Pink Square. 2012

Sam Taylor for VICE dot com

My good friend Sam Taylor has an interview over at the Vice site
He's rad, so you should totally check it out. It's about his creation 'The Blob', which is hilarious and  probably the best thing to come out of Camberwell.
So, go..
There will be some more developments in the near future that are happening with him and VICE so keep you eyes peeled.

'FOR' Exhibiton

Me and some other artists will be showing work in an exhibition called 'FOR' at the Darnley Road Gallery. All details are in the above poster.
I will be showing some brand new work, unseen by the public eye. So get yourself down there!

Press release;
'For' brings together a group of artists working with sculpture, video, painting, writing and sound. Adopting a simple visual conversation as their target, when the “this” of the here and now becomes the “that” of the there and then.

Lara Kenworthy focuses on the anxiety driven artist and the struggles of success and failure that come with their work. She believes that as humans, we continually try to overcome impossible tasks, with the vision of hopelessness, but being endlessly hopeful. Documenting props in moving image creates a fluid dialogue for viewers to perform as voyeur in the situations that she creates. Viewers relate themselves to the surreal situations, highlighting the madness that we inevitably encounter in everyday life.

Paul Thiry creates paintings without the use of the traditional methods. Making rough but aesthetically pleasing works using fabric, sewing and collage on top of stretchers, his work explores the restrictions and limitations of what painting can be.

Joss Heierli’s assemblages investigate contemporary popular culture. Presenting a symbol of mortality and fragility, the shameless allure emphasises the power of the artist to transform things into cynical deadening splendor.

Rupert Dorey’s practice is not medium specific but tends to take the form of video or filmed performance. It looks at the surreal nature of the self and its clash with the familiarity of being human. Inexperience is tested in order to provoke the often comic reaction of the everyday in settings that contort its effect

Dwayne Coleman dyes and paints directly onto canvas. The work references past styles that embed the work with a sense of nostalgia, also reacting to more contemporary subcultural trends. Whilst using kitsch patterns, as an attempt to amusingly discuss the effort to be cool, at the same time indirectly critiquing himself

Laura O’Neill’s sculptural objects hover between the familiar and the foreign. Rejoicing humor and elegance in the crudely made, preplanned or improvised, reflects our attempts as human beings to create the beautiful, useful or meaningful, that end most often in failure.

Owen Lacey observes everyday mundane objects and events to inspire his low brow, overwhelming and sometimes underwhelming work. The circles he has created are created to make the circles exist, and the reason they exist is because they have been created.

Sean Lavelle uses the methodologies associated with materials to create forms. With an architectural approach, forms fill and interpret the space exaggerating and examining function. These forms stand like great monoliths of discarded objects, which hold the integrity of the materials.

Frank Richards looks at the conflict between order & chaos, and an exploration of non-existent spaces & forms. His work allows a series of random generation algorithms to produce math-based soundscapes, and to interfere with the composition of motion-picture.

Eliska Murray explores the relationship between the female form and body. With surrealist tendencies, she creates sculptures and videos that depict suggestive situations in order to bring forward a sensation and mood to the video

In The Flowers

My dear friend Joshua Whitelaw gave me a copy of his book. Now, you guys may not have the fortune to just get given one of these beauties but you can purchase one for a small sum, and well worth it might I add.
There are only a limited amount, around 25 copies I think, so you best hurry.

'Rose Cottage'

Dye Paintings.
'Rose Cottage' (Hung)
Bleach and Dye on Canvas. 115cm x 145cm. 2011

'Rose Cottage' (Draped)
Bleach and Dye on Canvas. 115cm x 145cm. 2011

New Painting

'Je voudrais encore une verre de vin blanc'. 
Dye and Gloss on Canvas. 100cm x 123cm, 2011.

Rooftop Painting

At the moment I have no studio, so I have to improvise places to make work.
Right now, I'm using my rooftop as a studio. However, Winter is coming/here and the blistering cold is going to hinder me using it, but for now I'm going to brave the cold. 
New Painting: 

Check my fade...

Gave my new canvas a fade.
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